S&D Euro MPs welcomed Spanish government’s U-Turn on anti-abortion law

Credit: Aborto libre. Nosotras decidimos

S&D Euro MPs today welcomed the decision of the Spanish government to abandon their plan to abolish the right to an abortion.

S&D Group vice-president responsible for women’s rights and gender equality, Maria João Rodrigues, said:

”Under international pressure, the Spanish government has in the end chosen the path of wisdom. This is a victory for millions of women in Spain and across the rest of the world.

“Abolishing the right of abortion as was planned by the conservative government would have been an unacceptable blow to women’s rights, freedom and dignity.

“We cannot accept turning back the clock on women’s rights. Young women cannot live with less protective rights than their mothers”.

S&D Euro MP and chair of the women’s rights and gender equality committee, Iratxe García Pérez, added:

”This withdrawal is a triumph for women. This successful defence of our rights serves to make us freer”.