S&D Euro MPs condemn shameful populist campaign against women's rights

Women's rights - their sexual and reproductive life

S&D Euro MPs today condemned the manipulative and obstructive campaign from right-wing groups against a resolution supporting sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, in Europe and beyond.

The European Parliament today failed to adopt a text drafted by S&D Euro MP Edite Estrela losing a valuable opportunity to support the rights of women and girls.

S&D Group leader Hannes Swoboda said:

"I am appalled by the misleading and demagogical campaign conducted by the conservatives and the far right, inside and outside this Parliament.

"On several occasions, this assembly has recognised the right for everyone to make their own informed and responsible choices on their sexual and reproductive life, including the right to abortion.

"By opposing the resolution, the conservatives are throwing away many years of progress on women's rights."

S&D MEP and author of the text Edite Estrela added:

"The conservatives have showed their real faces today. By joining forces with the far right, they have opened a new front against the EU's founding principles of human dignity, freedom, equality and non-discrimination.

"The European Parliament's failure is even more tragic as we mark the international human rights day.

"The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament will keep fighting for the right for everyone to have access to affordable healthcare services.

"Access to contraception, sex education, healthcare services and voluntary family planning helps women to decide the number of children they want, reduces teenage pregnancies and allows women and girls to get an education.

"This is crucial at a time where many women increasingly face obstacles preventing access to abortion services."