Relaunching Europe – Recovery through more European solidarity

Relaunching Europe in Nicosia

Hannes Swoboda in Nicosia:

"The EU must help Cyprus on the road to a sustainable recovery."

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament call for more European solidarity and co-operation with Cyprus to open new perspectives for the future of both Cypriot and European citizens.
S&D Group president, Hannes Swoboda, speaking at the Relaunching Europe event in Nicosia on 31 January 2014 underlined the importance of European solutions to European problems. He strongly criticised the counter-productive neo-liberal approach of the Troika and called on the governments of member states to co-operate closely with the EU institutions in order to rekindle hope for European citizens. 
Speaking in Nicosia, S&D Group president Hannes Swoboda said:
"Now is the time to help Cyprus with more solidarity from the EU institutions and member states. There is a need for money and investment in the real economy in order to restart growth, create new jobs and get Cyprus on the road to sustainable recovery. The EU should offer practical help on this immediately.

"We need new ideas, new methods and approaches. Cyprus does not deserve the Turkish occupation, but also not an 'occupation' by the Troika."

Sophocles Sophocleous MEP, head of the Cypriot S&D delegation, said:

"Austerity measures, instead of showing the way out of the crisis, have actually deepened the recession and led to sky-rocketing unemployment across Europe. It is therefore time to change Europe.

"We propose our own social-democratic alternative for a better future based on growth, investment and decent jobs. Our answer to the current crisis is a better balance between economic and social concerns. It is time to abolish Troikas."

The S&D Group will hold its next event under the Relaunching Europe initiative in Romania on Monday 17 February 2014.

The Relaunching Europe initiative, launched by the S&D Group in 2012, aims at entering into a dialogue with citizens and journalists all over Europe about the future of the EU.