A progressive roadmap for a new EU immigration and asylum strategy

new information-exchange system for border controls (EUROSUR

Ahead of today's summit of the EU heads of State and Governments, progressive parliamentary leaders from different countries met in Brussels to discuss a joint action on EU immigration and asylum following the recent tragedies in Lampedusa and Malta.
After the meeting:

  • Hannes Swoboda MEP (S&D Group leader in the European Parliament);
  • Roberto Speranza MP (PD Group leader in the Italian Parliament);
  • Carmelo Abela MP (LP Group leader in the Maltese parliament);
  • Soraya Rodríguez MP (PSOE spokesperson in the Spanish parliament);
  • Antonio Camacho MP (PSOE spokesperson on the justice committee in the Spanish parliament);
  • Marietta Karamanli MP (PS Group deputy-leader in the French parliament);
  • Alberto Martins (PS Group leader in the Portuguese parliament);


signed a joint declaration calling on the EU leaders at the summit "to do away with vetoes and hesitations and provide urgent action grounded in a stronger intra EU solidarity".
According to the progressive parliamentary leaders signing the declaration, "the borders of Southern European countries are the borders of Europe".

"An assessment of the EU immigration and asylum policies is needed, starting from the assumption that our external borders, being land or sea, are borders of all and have to be managed based on real solidarity among Member states as enshrined in article 80 TFEU", they stated in their common declaration.
Moreover, the declaration outlines a detailed roadmap based on 4 cornerstones to develop a new EU migration strategy:

1) promotion of existing legal channels for migration and increased burden sharing among EU countries;
2) full compliance with international sea-rescue obligations and participation of all EU countries to the Frontex-coordinated operations;
3) effective access to asylum procedures and decriminalization of illegal immigration;
4) increased development cooperation with third countries and the fight against human trafficking.

The progressive declaration is attached below

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