Pittella: The Eurogroup's decision on Greece is outrageous and shameful

Pittella, The Eurogroup's decision on Greece is outrageous and shameful, short-term debt relief, Schäuble

S&D Euro MPs are outraged at the Eurogroup's decision to suspend the short-term debt relief measures granted to Greece. 

S&D Group leader Gianni Pittella said:

"The Eurozone decision is shameful. Behind this decision is the evil hand of Schäuble. It is unacceptable to trade fair and necessary social measures, such as support to low-income pensioners, with the debt issue.

"Many prominent economists and the IMF have acknowledged that the Greek debt is not sustainable. They are calling for an end to austerity in this country.

"Greek people have already contributed a lot. Greece does not need sanctions but investments. Eurozone finance ministers must review this harmful decision for the sake of the Greek people and the European Union.

"We are ready to take any political action to support the Greek people."