Pittella: Benoît Hamon is the candidate of the European left

Pittella : Benoît Hamon est le candidat de la gauche européenne, #EuropeTogether

“For European social democrats, Benoît Hamon is the candidate of the left for the presidential election in France,” said Gianni Pittella.

The president of the S&D Group spoke at a meeting with the Socialist candidate and the vice-presidents and heads of delegation of the Socialists and Democrats Group today in the European Parliament in Brussels.

“Benoît Hamon’s programme is part of the European Progressives’ proposal for the future of Europe. Like him, we are fighting for sustainable development, combatting global warming, fiscal justice and a social Europe. We want a Europe that protects its citizens and turns its back on blind austerity. We need public and private investment to boost European growth and ensure the ecological transition. We are on the same wavelength. Like Benoît Hamon, we want to make the heart of France and Europe beat again,” added Gianni Pittella.