Pittella and Valenciano meet Fernandez (PSOE): together we fight for a progressive European platform for a new Europe

Pittella and Valenciano meet Fernandez (PSOE): together we fight for a progressive European platform for a new Europe, #EuropeTogether,

As part of a series of meetings across Europe over the coming weeks with progressive family leaders, trade unions and NGOs, today in Madrid S&D Group president Gianni Pittella and vice-president Elena Valenciano met with Javier Fernandez, the president of the Commission Gestora del Psoe.

Speaking following the meeting the president of the S&D Group, Gianni Pittella MEP said:

"A common progressive European platform is necessary if we are to relaunch the European project and to turn the European progressive forces into a real and co-ordinated alternative to the right-wing parties and the populist, anti-European and xenophobic forces. A common European platform based on a new social agenda with a fund for youth, common investments for growth, common fiscal rules to fight tax evasion, new common green-economy projects and a more democratic EU institutional governance. In other words, a Europe that European citizens can be proud of. A Europe with purpose, which is closer to citizens.

"This is the core of the new Europe we want to build together with progressive forces in member states. This is the aim of the European tour we are undertaking: to change the status quo, a path destined for failure."

S&D vice-president Elena Valenciano MEP said:

"It is no longer enough to just talk to citizens about the European project. We are committed to rebuilding, among European citizens, a wide and deep support for a new and progressive Europe that is finally able to deliver and to solve the concrete problems of our people.

"We want a European fiscal governance based on a common fiscal policy. Europe cannot survive with a common currency and 18 different national fiscal policies. We fight for a common effective refugee and migration policy, in which all member states comply with the shared commitments taken.

"We want a new progressive Europe that leaves behind blind austerity and replaces it with an expansive economic policy finally capable of making investments oriented towards growth and employment in dignity."