In Lima first steps were achieved on the way to the Paris UN climate conference

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  LIMA

The three S&D members attending the UN climate conference in Lima welcome the result of long and difficult negotiations aimed at paving the way for a new climate treaty.

S&Ds highlight the fact that almost 200 countries present in Lima agree on the urgent need to curb climate warming. However, most important elements of such a treaty are yet to be decided ahead of the 2015 climate summit in Paris. Notably the differentiation between the greenhouse gas reduction targets of developing and developed countries remains a hot topic. Another open issue is the question of how to deliver on 100 billion US Dollars by 2020 to support developing countries in the efforts to mitigate climate change.

S&D vice-president Kathleen Van Brempt said:

"It is a positive sign that all countries have to come forward with intended national determined contributions which are more ambitious than their climate protection pledges so far.

"The key step forward in Lima is actually the 'Lima spirit'. There is a shared understanding that the world must act together to fight climate change. In the long term all countries will pursue a zero-carbon economy, including 'newly converted' countries, to environmental awareness like China and the US. They now understand that this is the way to protect the environment but also to ensure a safe supply of energy, cheaper prices and less dependency on international crises.

"The divestment movement from a fossil-based economy to a renewable one is becoming mainstream. Europe should aim at a zero-carbon economy by 2050. This strategic goal would boost our economy, increase our competitiveness and job creation."

S&D MEP Jo Leinen, who was co-chair of the European Parliament’s delegation to Lima, said:

 "A lot of hurdles on the way to Paris have to be overcome. The financial support for the mitigation efforts of developing countries are still far away from the promised 100 bn US Dollars in 2020. In addition, the divide between developed and developing countries is still a major player in the room.

"The climate summit in Paris will be a test for the European Union’s role in these talks and the capability of its climate diplomacy. Ahead of the summit, the EU has to ensure in getting all countries on board and for a 'Paris alliance' to reach an international deal.

"Therefore, the EU should remain at the forefront of the transition to a smart, clean and efficient economy. If the right investment and legal framework is put in place, many jobs would be created in Europe."

S&D MEP Seb Dance added from Lima:

"We urge commissioner Arias Cañete to move quickly on coming forward with legislative proposals for the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework. This will help build more trust in the EU and its commitment to conclude an ambitious global agreement in Paris next year."