Life programme modernised for more efficient EU climate action

Life programme modernised for more efficient EU climate action

The Socialists and Democrats today welcomed the agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council on the next programme for environment and climate action, known as LIFE.  It has been allocated a budget of around €3.1 billion for the period 2014-2020. A new sub-programme for climate change will complement the priority areas on nature and biodiversity and the programme will also cover environment and resource efficiency.

The rapporteur, S&D MEP Jutta Haug, said:

"LIFE is a small but extremely successful and popular EU funding instrument. For more than 20 years it has brought investments for environment and climate action, including funds for Natura 2000, the EU-wide network of nature reserves.
"We have succeeded in including a transitional period of four years to phase out the use of national funding allocations based on indicative shares per member state. In four years, project selection will be determined only by quality and demonstration potential.

"However, no one should be left behind. That is why we made sure that countries and regions with a chronically low uptake of projects will be supported so that they can improve the quality of their proposals. Funds that flow into the most innovative environment projects, such as more efficient waste-water treatment or nature protection like the conservation of the Iberian lynx, will benefit every European citizen.

"A strong point we also got through is a new project type called 'integrated projects'. These aim to support the implementation of major EU environmental legislation on water, waste, air quality and nature protection through joint investment of different EU funds under the lead of LIFE."