Victor Boştinaru: our partnership with Morocco is of paramount importance

Le partenariat avec le Maroc a une valeur fondamentale, Victor Boştinaru, Rabat, l’Union européenne et le Maroc face à la crise migratoire et à la menace terroriste, l'Accord de Libre Exchange Complet et Approfondi (ALECA), Conseil National des Droits de

During his visit to Rabat on 8 and 9 February, Victor Boştinaru, vice-president of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, stressed the importance of strengthening links between the European Union and Morocco in view of the migration crisis and the threat of terrorism.

Mr Boştinaru met Mustapha Ramid, Minister of Justice and Freedoms, Chafiq Rachadi, vice-president of the Chamber of Representatives, and Amid Kouskous, vice-president of the Chamber of Councillors.  He also met the presidents of parliamentary groups with close ties to the European Socialists and Democrats Group, the president of the National Council of Human Rights and representatives from civil society.

Victor Boştinaru said:

“A partnership with Morocco is of key importance for the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament. The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), in which Morocco participated actively, is an opportunity to give new impetus to this partnership and strengthen our cooperation at all levels: political, social and economic. The S&D Group confirms the importance of relations with a partner which plays a stabilising role in the region, particularly in the context of the Libyan crisis.

“It is necessary to continue to engage in a frank and open dialogue with all the institutional and political stakeholders on topics of mutual interest – such as the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA), the mobility partnership and facilitating the granting of visas – and to work together to find answers and solutions to common challenges, such as the migration crisis, preventing youth radicalization and security issues. The efforts and progress in terms of democratic reforms must continue; we encourage this process. Morocco's authorities are invited to accelerate the implementation of the new Constitution by following an inclusive and participatory approach.”