Jo Leinen: Mr. Tajani, will you defend EU's global leadership on climate change? Your voting record suggests otherwise

Tanja Fajon: A president of the EU Parliament who fights for values of Berlusconi and Orbán, Tanja Fajon,
EPP MEP Antonio Tajani

The EPP candidate to chair the European Parliament said in his Manifesto that the Energy Union and fighting climate change are vital for him. However, his voting behaviour on some key files to raise the ambition of EU climate targets and to support sustainable growth show a different picture.

In this legislature, Tajani has voted against raising the Renewable Energy target and in favour of getting rid of national Renewables targets, even opposing his own group majority. He also voted against prioritising energy efficiency measures on the energy-poor.
S&D MEP Jo Leinen, who co-chaired the European Parliament delegation to the COP 22 UN Climate summit in Marrakech, said:

“Mr Tajani, will you support an EU climate policy that can fulfill the commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement? Don't you think the EU has to step up its efforts on energy efficiency and renewable energy? We expect strong EU leadership to deliver our commitments reached at the Marrakesh COP 22 conference.

"Mr. Tajani, do you agree on a strong role of the European Parliament in working towards a more sustainable Europe, capable of building a global alliance against climate change?"