"Illegitimate must become illegal", say S&D Euro MPs

unfair tax practices have a direct negative impact on other member states and all tax payers.

S&D Euro MPs set out their priorities during the first meeting on Monday 9 March in Strasbourg of the European Parliament's special committee on tax rulings.
S&D Euro MP and spokesperson on this issue, Peter Simon, stressed:

"Models organised by member states that encourage tax avoidance are clearly illegitimate. In the future, they have to become unconditionally illegal. These unfair tax practices have a direct negative impact on other member states and all tax payers. We will assess the situation by hosting hearings with the key players, conducting on-site missions and examining documents which are not yet in the public focus. By shedding a light on existing tax practices in Europe we will prepare the ground for all the necessary steps to follow.
"We should also look at the role of international consultancies. We need to assess whether there are - or were - constellations in which certain consultancies advise the European Commission and member states on how to improve tax systems, and at the same time develop tailored tax avoidance models for companies. This kind of infamous triangle relationship is clearly unacceptable.
"The committee's work will also directly feed into a report of the economic and monetary affairs committee, which is steered by our S&D MEP Annelise Dodds, and which will provide a comprehensive package of measures for stronger tax justice in Europe."

Peter Simon concluded:

"It's a clear-cut case for the Social Democrats: we have to put an end to tax avoidance organised by the State and at the expense of honest tax payers. There can be no place for this in Europe."

The mandate of the TAXE-special committee expires in six months, with the possibility of an extension for a further six months. The next meeting of the special committee will take place on 30th March.