The evacuation of refugees from Idomeni in Greece must fully respect human rights, say S&Ds

The evacuation of refugees from Idomeni in Greece must be done in full respect of human rights, say S&Ds, Elena Valenciano, migration, asylum, refugees, EuWakeUp, #EuWakeUp,

Commenting on the evacuation of the refugee camp at Idomeni, which started earlier this morning, Elena Valenciano, S&D MEP and chair of the European Parliament's subcommittee on human rights, said:

"We note that the evacuation in Idomeni started without any use of force and that, according to the statement from the spokesperson for the Refugee Crisis Management Co-ordination Body Giorgos Kyritsis, it will be completed within 10 days, allowing for a gradual process, rather than a violent, sudden operation.

"That being said, we call on the Greek authorities to avoid any tension in order to preserve the calm situation.

"We emphasise the need for the relocation to take place in a peaceful, informed and fully transparent manner, without the use of force by the anti-riot police stationed there and with full respect for the human rights of refugees and asylum seekers, just as the Greek government has promised.

"The safety and well-being of the refugees in all the new shelters must be also ensured, with the assistance of the relevant international organisations and the EU.

"We expect the European Commission and the member states to speed up the relocation of refugees to other EU countries in compliance with their commitments."