"European Council must agree to fair distribution of migrants in need of protection" say S&D MEPs

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The European Council risks losing any kind of credibility if it fails to agree to a binding distribution key for taking migrants in need of protection, that was the message from S&D MEPs after a meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers in Brussels yesterday.

Birgit Sippel, S&D Spokesperson for migration issues said:

"For too long the Council has been burying its head in the sand when it comes to migration. We in Europe have the means to deal with the current refugee crisis, however we lack the political bravery to even take small steps in the right direction. The Commission has put forward a clear and reasonable proposal to help share the burden and help those most in need. Its proposals for a fair distribution of migrants in need of protection through relocation and resettlement will not solve the crisis alone but it is at least a start. If the European Council cannot even agree on this what hope is there of finding a more comprehensive and lasting solution?"

"It is high time that we find a fair way of distributing asylum seekers between member states. Now is the time for European solidarity. Not just solidarity between ourselves but solidarity with those fleeing the horrors of war and persecution."

The European Council will meet on 25 and 26 June with migration at the top of the agenda.