EU introduces a system for monitoring and reporting of shipping emissions

Jytte Guteland  MEP

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today backed a proposal to introduce a European Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system for CO2 emissions from ships as a first step of a staged approach to reduce these emissions.

The international maritime sector today accounts for around 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions and these are expected to increase significantly in the future. Despite this fact, maritime shipping remains the only means of transportation which is not included in the Union's action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

An EU-wide system is necessary in order to improve the information about ship efficiency and emissions from the sector, and encourage reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

S&D spokesperson on this issue, Jytte Guteland  MEP, said:

"International shipping is growing, but it's not part of the EU climate legislation. This is a problem for all who want shipping to contribute to our future climate policy. The adoption of the MRV legislation is a first step to introduce emission targets for international shipping", says Jytte Guteland MEP in the ENVI committee and S&D spokesperson on the file.

"International shipping has the potential to contribute to climate friendly transports. But we must be able to measure and report on the efficiency and CO2 emissions of shipping."