Commissioner nominee Vestager made a good impression

Commissioner-designate for competition Margrethe Vestager

Commissioner-designate for competition Margrethe Vestager gave a fair performance during her hearing last night in the European Parliament.

Elisa Ferreira, S&D spokesperson on the economic and monetary affairs committee, and Evelyne Gebhardt, S&D Group spokesperson on consumer policy, said in a joint statement after the hearing:

"Ms Vestager has shown honesty and good values in her answers during the hearing. She has the competences and the communication skills to become a commissioner for competition.

“We welcome her holistic and balanced approach to competition rules. However, we ask her to ensure that account is taken of the social costs of any competition decision. We also believe that competition policy should be used as a tool to promote justice within the market and to ensure consumers are protected.

“We like her commitment to ensuring that the new rules on the bank recovery and resolution regulation will be applied to prevent taxpayers’ money being injected to rescue banks. This is a crucial issue for the socialists and democrats.

“If she translates her words today into action, Margrethe Vestager will be a good commissioner.”