Backloading and ETS for aviation: S&Ds promote key action to support the emissions scheme

Emissions Trading System (ETS) fro aviation, co2 emmissions, green house gas

Today the environment committee in the European Union voted on two key measures to reinforce the Emissions Trading System (ETS). The S&D Group welcome the positive outcome because it brings certainty to a key climate policy of the European Union.
A resolution was passed to fast-track the decision on how many greenhouse gas emission allowances will be auctioned in the 2013-2020 period, following a previous agreement that the Commission may hold or backload a maximum of 900 million allowances once in the next period. Members of the ENVI committee also voted on a report on the ETS for aviation which supports the introduction of a European airspace approach from 2014 to 2016. Up to then the existing 'Stop the Clock' legislation will continue in an effort to push towards a global market-based mechanism.
S&D MEP and chairman of the environment committee Matthias Groote said:
“I am glad that I got support for my proposal to address the amount of allowances as soon as possible, as every week counts for backloading. We have to take actions as soon as we can.
“Regarding the report on the ETS for aviation, it is the best compromise we could achieve. We support the European Regional Airspace approach, so flights on routes between airports in the European Economic Area (the EU and EFTA countries) and airports in third countries would only be covered with regard to distance travelled within the EEA.
“It is important that the one-year extension of the ETS suspension is used to work on a global agreement ahead of the next International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) general assembly in 2016”.
S&D spokesperson on environment, MEP Linda Mc Avan said:
“We have finally put an end to the debate about backloading – the minority on the right who still oppose this have been outvoted. We now want this to come into effect as soon as possible. The ETS is an important instrument for the EU strategy to move towards a carbon-low economy, based on sustainability and smart job creation. So stability is key for all sectors to make the necessary investments.
“On aviation, the ENVI committee has voted for an airspace approach, to keep up the pressure on ICAO. MEPs and national ministers must now find an agreement before the April deadline."