"The 2015 EU budget must boost economic recovery and help citizens"

Euro MPs today called on the European Commission to present an EU budget for 2015 which boosts growth and creates jobs in Europe. They gave the green light to guidelines for the 2015 EU budget based on a proposal by S&D Euro MP Eider Gardiazábal.

The European Parliament's negotiator for the 2015 EU budget Eider Gardiazábal said:

"We ask the European Commission to present a draft budget for 2015 which concentrates funds in areas that can help boost the economic recovery in Europe and create jobs. This means spending more money now than was initially allocated in the EU budget 2014-2020 and less later on."

She also warned about the EU budget's structural deficit which has been growing since 2010.  The payment deficit reached €25 billion by the end of 2013 (2010: €5.5 billion, 2011: €11 billion, 2013: €16 billion). By the end of 2014, a payment deficit of more than €26 billion is expected.

"This situation must be solved using all the means available under the current multiannual financial framework (2014-2020).

"The EU must preserve its political credibility, be able to fulfil its legal obligations and pay its bills. Behind the figures, there are real people, NGOs, businesses, innovation and research centres.

"Just as we saw with the Erasmus student-exchange programme last year, there is now a huge cash-flow crisis in the field of humanitarian aid in 2014. The expected funding shortage amounts to €400 million, of which €150 million was already lacking in July this year.

"Organisations that are delivering humanitarian aid, building hospitals and taking care of refugees need to know that EU money will arrive in time. Many lives depend on that", concluded Eider Gardiazábal.