“Hannes Swoboda and Peer Steinbrück call for an alternative Europe and an active European industrial policy”

Industrial policy and employment

The Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament continued its Relaunching Europe initiative yesterday evening in Mannheim with a call for a renewed industrial policy in Europe. 
Leader of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, Hannes Swoboda, who co-hosted the event with MEPs Evelyne Gebhardt and Peter Simon from Baden-Württemberg, said:
“For a stabilised economy in Europe, we need a balanced industry which not only facilitates large enterprises, but, above all, also facilitates and promotes small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up companies.
“Environment protection must be modelled so as not to prevent innovation but to bring opportunity. In addition, the promotion of innovation, education and training, and young people are our greatest challenges in the crisis. In today’s globalised world only a united and strong Europe can maintain its position in the world beside countries like China and India.” 
Peer Steinbrück, SPD candidate for Chancellor of Germany, held a European policy speech at the event and said:
“Angela Merkel’s crisis policy has failed. We finally need a policy for growth and employment in Europe, otherwise debt reduction will be impossible too.
“Structural reforms in the crisis countries are important. But these must not be administered in a ‘lethal dose’– as has been the case until now.” 
Bernd Lange, S&D spokesman on industrial policy, said:
“We must put an end to the strict austerity policy and promote growth by investing into creating jobs. Financing small and medium-sized enterprises and investing in innovation and research are key to renewing Europe’s industrial policy”.
As part of the Relaunching Europe initiative, the S&D Group wants to start a dialogue with citizens for a better and fairer future for Europe.

Find further information at: www.relaunchingeurope.eu