“The evaluation of the Troika's work must befully transparent" says Liem Hoang Ngoc

Sesja plenarna - Parlament Europejski w Strasburgu, 20 - 23 maja 2013 r. Priorytety Socjalistów i Demokratów

S&D Euro MP Liem Hoang Ngoc, one of the rapporteurs on the work of the troika* in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus today called on the Commission and the European Central bank to cooperate with the investigation.

Liem Hoang Ngoc said today:

"The announcement of an enquiry on the troika by the European Parliament has created a lot of expectations. We are facing a very tight timetable. A first draft of the report must be available by 17 December.

“The European Parliament is keen to hear all stakeholders involved at the highest political level, particularly in the European Commission and the European Central Bank. We want to do a serious job. That is why we have organised hearings next week in Strasbourg.

“Years of social and economic devastation in Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Ireland cannot be left unexplained and unaccounted for. For us to deliver on these expectations requires not just finding facts and drawing conclusions.  The very process of our enquiry must already demonstrate that another EU is possible: one that is as transparent, democratic and effective as the troika is opaque, technocratic and incompetent."

*Troika: European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund