S&D Group Workshop : The Alternative - Progressive Economy and Europe of Solidarity

The discussion will focus on the achievements of the S&D Group in the EP in the past five years, with particular emphasis on how different from the conservatives our response to tackle the economic and social crisis is, and on our alternative vision of Europe's future. The workshop will be divided in two parts.

The first part will focus on our vision for a Progressive Economy, stressing the importance of a progressive European semester and of putting the citizens and the real economy at the heart of the European Single Market, as well as giving an overview on the S&D initiatives for employment creation and workers' rights.

The aim of the second part will be to emphasise the role of the S&D Group in the debate on a new EU immigration and asylum policies, based on effective solidarity between EU Member states and responsibility of all EU Member states to adhere to their EU and international obligations in law and in practice. 

The event will be interactive and the speakers will respond to questions from the audience.