Relaunching Europe in Malaga : "Back to work: Training for the future"

On 12 November 2013, Relaunching Europe will be in Málaga, Spain to discuss the ever more important challenge of employment and how to best help young people take their future in hands through better education and trainings.

The challenge is huge. Today in Europe, there are more than 26 million people without a job, many living in precarious conditions with no perspective of a better future for themselves and their families.  In Spain and Greece, one person in four is unemployed. Not to mention young people who more than anyone else have been deeply affected by this economic and social disaster. Youth unemployment in Spain reaches a staggering 56% rate.

So what’s next? How do we bring about change? Austerity measures imposed by conservative forces have proven to be ineffective and in many cases counter-productive. Can education and appropriate trainings be a sustainable solution? Shouldn’t it be Europe’s priority?

Join us on 12 November to enrich the debate with you views! We’ll have the pleasure to welcome leading experts, academics and representatives of the political, economic and social scenes to discuss with you. Your opinion is all that matters!

The full programme of the evening will soon be available. For organisational purposes, we kindly ask that you register to this free event.

Practical details:

“Back to work: Training for the future”
12 November 2013, at 17:30 CET (doors open at 16:30)
Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga
Avenida José Ortega y Gasset, 201  29006 Málaga (Google map)

Speakers for the evening include:

Hannes SWOBODA // President of the S&D Group

Elena VALENCIANO // Vice-Secretary General of the PSOE

Nicolas SCHMIT // Minister of Labour and Employment, Luxembourg

Gouda LOMANAITE // European Youth Forum

Jósef NIEMIEC // Deputy General Secretary, Trade Union Confederation

Miguel Ángel HEREDIA // Secretary General of PSOE Málaga

Juan Fernando LOPEZ AGUILAR //  Chairman of the Spanish Delegation, S&D Group

Emilie TURUNEN // Member of the European Parliament (Denmark)

Evelyn REGNER // Member of the European Parliament (Austria)

María GONZÁLEZ DE LA CRUZ // Innovation Secretary, PSOE

María BENJUMEA // Founding Partner and President,

Victor SOTO // President, JADE

Krystelle LOCHARD // Street Football World organisation

Javier RUIZ PÉREZ // Moderator

The event will also be video broadcasted live on the Relaunching Europe website . If you can’t make it to Málaga, you will still be able to participate live and voice your comments and questions via Twitter (#RelaunchEU) and Facebook.

The debate is already starting online

Relaunching Europe is all about you! Ahead of the debate, you can submit questions through our Relaunching Europe Facebook page or on Twitter @TheProgressives using #RelaunchEU.

We look forward to having you join the discussion!