Relaunching Europe in Bucharest : Solidarity and opportunities for an inclusive Romania

Relaunching Europe is back on the road for another lively debate on the future of Europe. On 17 February, we’ll be in Burcharest to discuss integration and equal opportunities for all citizens in Romania and around Europe.

What started as a financial crisis in 2008 quickly turned into a wider economic, social and political crisis all across Europe. Six years after, Europeans are slowly waking up from the austerity nightmare imposed on them by conservative leaders. But the social damages are overwhelming. Exclusion, racism and xenophobia – fuelled by populist and far-right movements – are spreading at a worrying pace and threaten the core principle of solidarity that has brought us together for decades.

What will it take to restore trust and solidarity? Is the European project broken? How can we best fight for exclusion and discrimination? Do we all enjoy the same opportunities? Are our differences binding us or tearing us apart? …
Join us in Bucharest as Relaunching Europe brings together citizens, leading experts, representatives of the civil society and politicians to listen to what you have to say about a more inclusive Romania, a more united Europe.
The discussion will be moderated by Claudiu LUCACI, News Director of the Romanian National television.

Practical details:

“Solidarity and opportunities for an inclusive Romania”
17 February 2014, 17:00 (doors open at 16:00)
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Sector 5, București, Romania

Guest speakers for the evening include:

Hannes SWOBODA // President of the S&D Group

Corina CREŢU // Vice-President of the S&D Group

Eugen TEODOROVIC // Minister for European Funds

Raluca OURIAGHLI // Social Entrepreneur, Ateliere Fara Frontiere

Titus CORLĂŢEAN // Minister of Foreign Affairs

Damian DRᾸGHICI // Senator and Councillor of the Prime Minister for Roma issues

Cătălin Sorin IVAN // Head of the Romanian Social Democrats in the European Parliament

The event will also be video broadcasted live on the Relaunching Europe website . If you can’t make it to Bucharest, you will still be able to participate live and voice your comments and questions via Twitter (#RelaunchEU) and Facebook.

The debate is already starting online.

Relaunching Europe is all about you! Ahead of the debate, you can submit questions through our Relaunching Europe Facebook page or on Twitter @TheProgressives using #RelaunchEU.

We look forward to having you join the discussion!


The event will be broadcasted live on our website. You will be able to comment and ask your questions through Twitter (#RelaunchEU) and Facebook (

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