A new industrial revolution

The Socialists and Democrats stand for a new and ambitious European industrial policy. A revitalised industrial sector will provide millions of high quality jobs and boost the economy.  Europe’s future economy cannot be based solely on services and a few high-technology niche activities.

We will take the lead in championing key high employment industrial sectors where Europe can still be competitive.  We need a pro-active policy to renew and develop European industry, with an ambitious, strategic approach at European level and better co-ordination between states. We want European policy to champion excellence, sustainability and innovation.

A Europe of excellence

The world is changing rapidly and we need to adapt to new challenges and tough competition. We can’t be the lowest-cost producer but we can be the best and the Socialists and Democrats stand for a Europe of excellence: the best-trained workers, cutting-edge research, world-class infrastructure and public services, the highest environmental standards.

The environmental edge in global markets

Sustainable technologies can give Europe a competitive advantage and demand is growing. Europe needs shift to carbon neutral and renewable energy sources, more efficient use and reuse of raw materials and research to reduce pollution.

Financing innovation

Smaller companies (SMEs) are vital for innovation and growth in Europe. They are a massive source of employment and innovation and too often they have been denied access to the finance they need. We need to make sure they have more public support and that reforms in the financial sector ensure real entrepreneurship replaces short-term profit-seeking. European project-bonds are another tool for financing innovation and investment in infrastructure.

Nurturing ideas

The Socialists and Democrats support innovation and we want to do everything we can to allow companies to grow and build on their ideas. We have pushed for rapid action on a European patent to support new ideas and European entrepreneurs.