Getting Europeans back to work

For the first time in recent history young people can’t look forward to a better life than their parents.  Unemployment and job insecurity are rising dramatically, especially among the young, and in some countries youth unemployment is over 50%.  Decent jobs and full employment must be Europe’s top priority.

For the Socialists and Democrats, it’s obvious that fairness for workers goes hand in hand with a stronger economy. While the conservatives are convinced that protecting workers fairly and regulating the labour market damages profits and economic growth, we believe sensible legislation can help build a more inclusive society, reduce economic insecurity and narrow the gap between rich and poor.

A European “Growth and Employment” pact

We propose a Europe-wide agreement on growth and employment to launch co-ordinated action in each country to boost employment and investment.  Europe has binding targets on many economic issues but still not on employment levels.  Jobs can’t be ordered into existence, but investment and incentive policies can be put in place to create a favourable and socially fair environment.

A European Youth Guarantee

We want a ‘European Youth Guarantee’ promising young people a job or further training or education if they are still unemployed after several months – read more about the campaign here: We can also support school-leavers better with voluntary traineeships.  Public funding for good-quality traineeships is a valuable investment for the future.

The power of sustainable technologies 

The Socialists and Democrats are convinced sustainable technology means jobs and opportunities for Europe. We want to see 10 million new green jobs created by 2020, based on renewable energies, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, re-skilling and research and development.